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Bartholomew Roberts, the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, had a motto “A short life and a merry one at that.”

Robert’s life was indeed short by modern standards (he lived only 39 years), but it was one to remember. Having gone to the sea at the…

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When the test results came in, I wasn’t surprised, but I was disappointed: “Why me? I am vaccinated, for god’s sake!”

But the results were clear — I had a breakthrough COVID case.

I know exactly how I got it. The week before, I went to a social gathering with…

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I’ve always been fascinated by poetry. I grew up in a tiny town in the far North of Russia with almost no knowledge of English, so I read only Russian poetry at that time. And trust me, Russian schools make you read lots of poetry.

Some poems stirred my mind…

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Within a wide range of science fiction genres, cyberpunk paints a particularly gloomy picture of the future. Over-the-top consumerism, megacorps, and overcrowded cities are the easily recognizable signs of any cyberpunk dystopia. Add millions of people aimlessly roaming the virtual reality, and you’ll get the whole picture.

This article is…

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We’ll be gone by the fall, take it or leave it,
some will cry, others will shrug their shoulders,
only children will go unsuspecting, because they’re

Two days ago I broke my ribs. I was lying
on the ground catching my breath and thinking,
“Now I’m gonna die”, and…

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I recently stumbled upon a video with a Shaolin monk who is repeatedly beaten in the crotch.

It is really painful to watch how a man looking akin to an office clerk first hits the monk in the neck and then kicks him several times in the balls. You can…

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Let’s face the truth: being toxic is not always about behaving in a shitty way towards someone else. It is often about giving a hard time to yourself, even when you totally don’t deserve it.

Okay, sometimes you do deserve a little bit of thrashing (everyone does). But in this…

Evgeny Kim

Sometimes I come up with stories I can't help but write.

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